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22ple Silica Glass Paint Coating


Cars $660 (prep/paint correction work included)

Small/medium Suv $710 (prep/paint correction work included)

Vans/full size $760 (prep/paint correction work included)


We have selected 22ple to offer our customers the latest in vehicle protection. 22ple is an extremely strong layer of protective coating that will leave behind an incredible layer of gloss over a hardened high silica-content glass barrier between your paint and damaging environmental elements.  It protects in a unique way so contamination wil lnot readily stick to the surface and your wash mitt will glide with ease removing dirt safely.  Water will bead and roll off like never before, making drying quicker and safer reducing the risk of marring the painted surface.  While waxes give you 3 months protection and sealants 6-9 months, 22ple gives an astonishing 18-24 months of superior protection that gives that "hard candy" or "deep wet" look.

Whether you just want to amaze yourself, make the neighbor envious, or impress your car club, make no mistake, 22ple is the best thing you can do for your car.

Coating coverage included- exterior painted surface, chrome, exterior rim surface, all plastic trim molding  (total rim coverage can be done for an aditional $250.)

This includes paint correction and leveling prep work based on 6 hours of prep, extreme cases may have additional fees.  Paint correction and leveling is a highly skilled service that require specialized tools, products, and extensive knowledge in their proper use. Yes even brand NEW cars require prep work so you have maximum benefit of the 22ple application.

Plan on a 24-48hr turn around time on this application as the prep work and curing time is labor and time intensive.


Full Detail

$219 - $319

Cars $219.00 

Small Suv's $239.00

Medium Suv $ 289.00

Full Size, Vans, or 3rd row seats $319.00


In an effort to provide you with the very best detailing experience, we have done away with multiple detail packages, and have combined our Silver and Gold Packages into one standard full detail offering a premium paint sealant standard, instead of a traditional wax.  Why? Because it's what's best for your vehicle! Waxes only offer up to 3 months of protection at best. Sealant's offer 6-9 months and perform better in summer heat.

  • WASH to remove loose dirt
  • CLAY to remove trapped dirt in the paint allowing for a silky surface and better adhesion of the paint sealant
  • SINGLE STEP MACHINE POLISH to remove what we call spider web scratches (in sunlight these light scratches look like a spider web) More serious defects if you want corrected require our paint correction/leveling specialized service
  • BLACKFIRE WET DIAMOND SEALANT because it's just flat better than wax, and the right thing to do.
  • INTERIOR DASH & DOOR PANELS are cleaned with top performing chemicals and sanitized with the latest technology vapor steamer that uses 310 degree steam to kill germs and bacteria and odors leaving no doubt that surfaces are CLEAN. (not all detailers have them, ask specifically for vapor steamers)
  • CARPETS are then pretreated for all stains, then the vapor steamer and special pH balanced cleaning products are used to lift dirt and sanitize, followed up with a commercial grade hot water extractor to remove the dirt and cleaning product from the carpet.  This includes ONE SET of floor mats Any additional sets are $30 per set
  • LEATHER (if applicable) is cleaned with special cleaners and conditioners from leatherique in keeping what we feel are the very best products for your vehicle from our extensive years of experience.
  • WINDOWS are cleaned inside and out
  • INTERIOR DRESSINGS are applied to the dash and door panels.  We use Pristine Clean to provide conditioning and protection.  These dry to a matte finish.  (we have found the traditional SHINY ones are dust magnets and leave marks when you touch them.)

See additional services for a few upgrade options.




New Car Prep

$279.99 - $ 349.99



Cars $300.00

Small Suv $300.00

Medium Suv $420.00

Full, Vans or 3rd Row seat $420.00


Have you bought a new car and want to keep it protected and looking it's best?   This package is for your second largest investment under 1,000 miles.

Your entire vehicle will be inspected for factory or dealer defects, and you will be given an explanation of what can be done for those.  We will properly protect all the different materials with the appropriate products and the correct techniques.

Why do brand new cars need this extensive work?

Simply, all cars get "built" after the painting process. Our owner has worked at a manufacturer and knows they keep a 45-90 day inventory in a rear parking storage area, then these units are shipped via truck, train, ship to their destination.  Once at a dealer they sit yet again on their lots for several months.  All this without ever being properly protected and now several months have passed and the environment has begun to deposit dirt in the paint, and uv rays have begun to dull the finish.  Now comes the day you buy your new vehicle, and it is given to an inexperienced untrained lot person to "prep" the vehicle.  Now some damage may occur to improper training and techniques.  (see the Mercedes AMG C63 we did with 1500 miles and holograms from the dealership)  Why not let us get it "RIGHT" for you from the start?

The recommended last step would be our 22ple paint coating lasting 18-24 months.  It's like adding another thin layer of clear coat to your car giving it and incredibly deep shine and reflective enough to shave in.


Exterior will get:

  • Thorough Wash
  • Decontaminated with IronX, and a combo of Clay and Nanoskins
  • 1 Step Polish
  • Blackfire Wet Diamond Paint Sealant
  • Wheels and Tires cleaned and dressed
  • Gtechniq G1Clear Vision window coating lasting 30,000 miles

Interior will get:

  • Thorough Vacuum
  • Leather conditioning with Leatherique
  • Fabric Protection

(In some instances paint correction / leveling may be required.  You may also add the 22ple coating to this for an additional $300.00)

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